Claim your spot in the world and do what you love most: working with people

The world of coaching and consulting is a booming business worldwide.

The need for coaching has never been bigger.

According to business strategists, this market will continue to grow for the next 10 to 15 years.

Amazing news!

But why are so many coaches failing to grow their business?

Most coaches think it’s a marketing or technical issue.

Others think that building a website and a Facebook page should do the work.

None of this is true!

The main reasons why coaches fail to build or expand their business is:

But why are so many coaches failing to grow their business?

Most coaches think it’s a marketing or technical issue.

Others think that building a website and a Facebook page should do the work.

None of this is true!

1) They don’t claim a unique place in the market

Since coaches think they need to coach every person that comes their way, they accept everyone as their client. 

They coach every person who brings in some money because of the fear of lack of money. Big mistake!

If you do that, you disappear in the masses and nobody can find you among the thousands of coaches out there

2) They are afraid of becoming ‘visible'

It’s a hard thing to say, but most coaches lack the self-confidence to stand up for what they believe in.

If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything. 

The lack of self-confidence keeps you in your comfort zone and no one can find you.

3) They have no programs of their own

Once you have a certificate, or many certificates and licenses, don’t become a copy cat! 

You need your own brand, your own program that creates transformation for your ideal client. 

I know you have knowledge, skills and assets that you can deploy into remarkable and unique programs and you should do that.

4) They lack teaching skills

If you want to make it as a coach, a consultant, a teacher or a speaker, you need teaching skills.

You possess stories that people want to hear from YOU. 

If you want to lead group coaching, workshops and events, you will have to improve your teaching techniques.

5) You need to get really good

Most coaches think that coaching skills are just enough to help your clients and it’s not.

Coaching is more of an art than skill. Besides you need to become a skilled master and mind expert.

There will always be a place for people who work themselves to the top. It is not a matter of intellect though, it is a matter of confidence.

So, now you know what is missing.

You cannot start to promote yourself unless you have points 1, 2 and 3 in place.

You need the Circle of Mind Experts.

During this year long education, you will become the coach you always wanted to be.

Thanks to this education teaching you will:

  • Claim your place in the market and speak up. You won’t try to please just anybody. You will know your ideal client and will be able to help them.
  • Have a simple but solid business model. You will have a model that brings in the right clients for the programs that you make. Your prices will be right and you will know how to sell them.
  • Have your own programs. Together we will execute a very strong program that serves at least 80% of your clients. You will have other little programs with different price points too. Programs that bring transformation and results!
  • You will have mind expert knowledge. Who you learn from matters. During this teaching you will gain knowledge beyond your traditional coaching education that makes you stand out from the rest.
  • Be able to teach. You will know how to write stories and how to teach your content to your clients. You will be able to inspire and motivate them. You will lead them through transformation.

Practical stuff:

  • You can start today. We are currently starting a new Circle year. Get started now! 
  • The comprehensive education program that you’ll receive takes one year to complete.
  • You study when you want, where you want, how much you want, and at your tempo, thanks to the online lessons.
  • You attend live trainings in Belgium: 3 days in February and 3 days in July 2020 where we build your business and programs together and where you master the skill of teaching.
  • You join the Crete retreat in the month of May or the next one in October 2020. 4 days of growing under the Greek sun.
  • You will receive monthly support calls with Inge.
  • You will learn from the best to become the best: a mind expert.
  • You belong to a strong international team of coaches.
  • You will become a member of a very beautiful and uplifting community. Making new, like-minded friends is inevitable. 

Are you excited?  I am, and I haven’t even met you yet!  

So let’s do this. Choose a date and an hour that best suits you, and me or one of my top coaches will be in touch to talk with you and evaluate how we can help you best. 

See you soon!